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The O.R. Division deals with developing procedural kits (custom packs) for diagnosis and surgery, as well as producing drapes, gowns, DPI and accessories (sterile or not) for the operating room.

Delta Med products are manufactured respecting high standards in terms of quality and safety: non-woven fabric (TNT) is a non-toxic and hypoallergenic material, effective against bacterial penetration and able to guarantee practicality, comfort and hygiene.

OEM Solutions for Medical Devices

Delta Med's OEM service ensures a third party production of medical devices with high quality standards, in order to effectively meet the different needs of customers: the company's production system is able to manage and create products under the customer's brand, with its own CE marking or that of the customer.

We support customers throughout the entire product development process: from taking charge of the order to delivering customised finished products. The competence and professionalism of our experts allows us to create, from time to time, custom procedures for each individual request of the buyers.

Discover all the products that are part of our O.R. Division.