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The intravenous safety catheters in PUR (Polyurethane) and FEP (Teflon) Delta Med are developed and manufactured by highly specialized technicians to ensure safe and quality products.

The DELTA SELF SAFE ® (FEP) and NEO DELTA SELF SAFE ® (PUR) models are safety cannula needles available in the following versions:

 - 2 way
 - mono way with fixing wings
 - mono way without fixing lugs

Available in sizes from Gauge 14G to 26G, the latter is, in particular, designed specifically for Neonatology.


The catheter safety system, patented by Delta Med, allows to completely close the needle, in order to prevent accidental cut injuries or contact by the patient or operator.

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Click here to download Intravenous Catheter brochure.