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Delta Med was founded in 1993 with the aim of developing and manufacturing safe and high quality medical devices.

With more than twenty years of experience behind us, over time we have become a reference point in health and safety, and privileged interlocutors for hospitals, healthcare facilities and multinationals in this sector.

In January 2017 we acquired 100% of Tipromed srl, a company operating in the field of peripheral safety catheters with "closed system": a very important strategic opportunity for our company, given the existing commercial relationships and the high complementarity with the products of this reality (read here the official note).

In September 2017, the agreement to purchase the "Critical care" branch of Alfamed was concluded, in order to further expand the product catalog and the available technologies (see press release).

In September 2017 we have acquired 77% of Bioengineering Laboratories S.r.l., a company operating in the production of devices for urodynamics, dialysis, gynecology and cardiac surgery (see press release).

What's our added value? Qualified professionals and technicians, continuously updated to offer innovative and safe solutions. We have invested in research, progressively expanding our product catalogue (conforming with the EU medical devices directive) to make it more specific and targeted.

We work according to high quality standards, both for products and services, in order to guarantee the best in terms of safety, comfort and convenience.

Competence, attention and responsibility are the values we apply every day to meet the needs of patients and professionals.

catheters chi siamo

I.V. Catheter Division

The I.V. Catheter Division develops and manufactures intravenous catheters and medical devices.

We have a team of experienced technicians, with highly specialized skills, and also our own production lines, entirely Italian and with advanced technology: at our plant in Viadana (Mantua), in a controlled environment class 1:100,000, we host an ISO 8 clean room of more than 2,000 sq.m.

We manufacture specific medical devices, such as cannula needles:

  • both traditional and safe
  • made of Teflon or Polyurethane
  • one-way or two-way types
  • with or without fixation wings.

O.R. Disposable Division

The O. R. division develops disposable devices for diagnosis, surgery and operating room (drapes, gowns, sets and accessories in TNT and polyethylene).

Production takes place in the Dirra division of our plant in Viadana (Mantua), in a controlled environment classified "ISO CLASS 8", according to EN ISO 14644.

Delta Med products are made of non-woven fabric (TNT), a material that guarantees practicality, hygiene and comfort, as well as respecting high quality and safety standards.

Benefits of disposable devices in TNT:

  • sterile, water-repellent and impermeable products
  • effectiveness against bacterial penetration
  • tear resistance
  • no electrostatic charge
  • non-toxic and non-allergenic material.